Huw Eddy & The Carnival

Igniting in the cider guzzling southwest and nabbing a bunch of rowdy loud mouth northerners on the way, ‘Huw Eddy & The Carnival’ was born in Leeds. Pedalling sound waves with a gob-stopping core of Indie Folk, yet generous lashings of Rock and Roll and Americana influences, they bring you a non-stop hootenanny of jiving splendour that forces you to throw down your drink and just dance. They deliver songs and vocal melodies that will tug at your heartstrings as well as have you chucking your paws in air through pure uninterrupted merriment.

Following the release of their single ‘Cut me down’, the carnival has been shuddering the very floorboards of stages from venues to festivals across the UK and Europe showing audiences how to let loose and have a damn good time! With highlights such as FIMU festival, supporting ‘Slade’ and ‘Will and the people’, as well as BBC Scotland’s track of the week with their single ‘Fading’ - the carnival is building momentum and now they are announcing the arrival of their pulsating parade to the masses.

Huw Eddy & The Carnival

'A crazy Energy' Culturellementvotre

'Gripping folk flair' Carpe Carmina

'I could easily imagine a great night in a boozy, sweaty venue stomping and slapping along with The Carnival' The Rock Club

‘They deliver catchy, punchy, uptempo songs that get people off their feet. They have a real “groove” about them and Huw Eddy has an outstanding voice’ The Very Thing