Holbefest 18 Wrap Up

Holbefest 18 - The Results

What  a day! Blessed with warm sunshine and a tempering gentle breeze, Holbefest was once again blessed with great weather.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this a special day, from those on the bar and stalls, gate and parking, activities and challenges, cooks and chefs, stewards, cake makers, musicians and singers. Thanks also go to the Harriers for the inaugural Holbefest Trail run (and for volunteering to do it all again next year). The move to new site proved favourable so thanks to JMW and the Flete Estate for allow us to host the event at Flete Park.  We estimate the attendance reach somewhere between 700 and 750 people, (we're not quite sure as we ran out of wrist bands) but clearly it was our best crowd yet. Costs were significantly higher as we needed to provide loos, power, stages and, given the size of the event, first aid cover and insurance, all of which add up, but the good news is that we still generated record proceeds for the local community. A proportion of these have been held back to bank roll HF19, with the remainder being passed onto the local community including the Holbeton School Association, Holbeton Preschool and Holbeton Cricket Club. Thanks once again to all of you who helped make it a success and we look forward to seeing you at HF19 on the 22nd June 2019.
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